A poem... What the frack?

What the frack
Is this lack
Of science I find?
says Planet Earth
Peering into the mind
Of your best and brightest - elected, no less,
On the promise to green and clean up your mess.

Is shale
Your grail
To get out of this fix?
says Planet Earth
When your energy mix
Spews out CO2 at ridiculous rates?
You should slam on the brake before it’s too late!

Shouting “gas!”
Is just crass -
I’ve had enough,
says Planet Earth
Of your ill-thought-out guff;
You dismiss renewable sources with scorn
Do you really prefer to dig up your lawn?

See the sun?
It’s just one
Of the ways I propose,
says Planet Earth
To end energy woes.
The technology’s here to turn things around
Invest - your economy’s sure to rebound!

I’ll be fine
I won’t whine
Don’t worry about me;
says Planet Earth
I don’t mind if the sea
Starts lapping at New York or London or Rome
But I can’t guarantee I’ll be a good home

For a race
Who won’t face
Up to the hard facts
says Planet Earth
That my climate reacts
To the burning you do - yes even from shale
You shout that it’s clean even over the gale

Of the winds that I blow
Which if harnessed could go
A long way to slowing
The warming that’s going
To frack you, your children and all those you love!
So stop digging - look up - the answer’s above.