Shame on you, Statoil

I'm not one to throw comments around on social media (or indeed spend much time on it at all) but this Statoil post (which appeared as a promoted link in my feed) drives me nuts.

Seriously, a major oil company still trying to defend its exploration efforts in terms of the benefit (in this case, a grand total of 70 long term jobs) for local communities? We've already discovered 5x more oil than we can burn if we're going to stay within non-catastrophic levels of climate change. The only reason oil companies still shout about their exploration prowess is because many uninformed investors still think that a company's known reserves are some kind of proxy for future value creation. This kind of nonsense does nothing to inform those investors about the carbon bubble that is looming. It is misleading and morally reprehensible, and we need to do better at calling out stuff like this.

Shame on you, Statoil. This is the antithesis of what it means to be a Future-Fit Business.